Monday, October 25, 2010

Things You Probably Didn't Know About 911

Things You Probably Didn't Know About 911
Sooo I have A really awesome job.
I work for 911.
I take 911 calls, non emergency calls,
dispatch Police, Fire, and Ambulance.
It's really fun, and interesting,
and never boring, and I have real good stories.

We can do really cool things here.
Not as cool as CSI,
but almost.

This is our center.

We have LOTS of computers...

Here are some thigs that you probably didn't know about 911...
♥City Watch/Reverse 911
If there is an emergency in the city,
or just a specific neighborhood,
we can call/text/page
residents to alert them of the prob.

i.e. An elderly disabled female goes missing in SE Provo.
We can notify the residents within a mile of that location to keep an eye out for her.

Most of these systems are automatically linked to all land lines.
(I know, who has a land line anymore)
In order to get notifications on your cell, you need to register with the system your city has.

♥Text Messaging 911

Any day now 911 text messaging will be available.
Some cities already have it.
We are working on it.
Am I excited for it?
Can you imagine how many prank texts we will get in the begining?
Plus, more often then not, we will need to get A LOT more
info for a Police Report then a measley little text....
Sooo we will have to call you anyway.
I guess it will be good for that random break-in, victim can't talk scenario.

♥Phase 2

All cell phone phones are now phase 2 capable.
What does that mean?
It means when you call 911,
we can track your GPS location to within 50 meters.
Cool! Not as cool as the movies...
but this is real life.

♥Disconencted Cell Phones

You know those old phones you give to your kids to play with?
They can still call 911.
In fact, thats the ONLY number they can call.
It's a safety feature. (a really annoying one)
When the battery is in, and ANY number is dialed, you get us.

We get loads and loads of these 911 calls every day,
and for safety reasons, we need to research everyone of them.
This is soooooo time consuming.
Please Please take the batteries out of your old phones!!!

♥The Button 9

Most cell phones have a 911 safety feature where
if you hold down the button 9, it automatically calls 911.
Even if the phone is locked!

Blackberrys are the WORST.
They call more then any other phone.
I think it's a combo of the dreaded button 9,
and Blackberrys scrolly button.

Plus, when an "emergency call" is made,
It usually doesn't show up in your phones call log.
So you won't know until we call you back.
Why? Who knows?

♥Medical calls

Do we memorize medical instructions?
We are all CPR/First Aid/EMD certified,
but NO we don't have all the instructions memorized.

Good thing, cuz when someone calls screaming that there's
blood everywhere, you can get flustered for a sec.

We have all these real cool Medical Cards.

It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure book.
We find out the problem... "my co-worker fell off the roof"
We go to the card for that problem... FALL
The cards tell us specific questions to ask for that injury.
We also have cards for CPR Heimlich, and Child Birth....

Child Birth...
"can you see the childs head?"
yes- go to page 7
no-go to page 28
It's a really cool system.

That's about it.
I really like my job.
If your interested,
here are some other 911 related posts...
(read in a joking way. my husband said if you didn't know me you might think I was mad..)


  1. Oh man, so you're the person on the other line that I'm always so embarrassed and guilty about? I have a blackberry, and have had SO many, TOO many accidental 911 calls. It's soooo embarrassing. A couple weeks ago I was putting down my kids, and my little boy was crying, but my little girl insisted that I finish the story I was reading her, and I was using my phone as a light. At some point I unknowingly dialed 911 and heard someone talking, so I apologized profusely, and said there was no emergency, etc, but she wouldn't let me off the phone. She kept on saying, "ok M'am, but WHY is the baby crying??" And I was so embarrassed. The end.

  2. What a cool job! Thanks for the tip about old phones. I had no idea.

  3. julie i can't know for sure but i am obsessed with criminal mionds but maybe it doesnt show in ur phone that you called because then when the kidnapper or robber grabs your phone they dont beat u up or know the police are coming by seeing the call?? just a thought

  4. Cool job! My friend is starting there pretty soon. She recently had to go through the lie detector test. Her last name is Hastings.

  5. nope didn't know any of that information. cool job julie!

  6. I'm totally jealous about your job. It's sounds so sweet! Did you have to go to school/get a certain degree to be qualified for it?

  7. What sort of call volume/area do you cover?

    working in a police only center with 30 phone consoles, 10 radio consoles, with about 1500 calls today in a 885 sq mi city with a population of about 1.3 mil.