Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holiday Week

Guess what this week is?
It' national public safety telecommunications week
911 week

Did you know they had such a thing?

It's pretty great though,
all week people tell us how wonderful we are,
give us treats, and cook us food.
I really love my job,
& not just on 911 week.

My job is pretty great,
and sad, and frustrating, and annoying,
(and i only complain about it sometimes)
but mostly great,
and I feel real real blessed to have such a great job.
I really love it.
here's why......

♥♥My job is really exciting,
"some one just robbed my store with a gun,"
"the kitchen is on fire,"
"my baby can't breath,"
"there's blood everywhere"
Not all the time, but it's DEFINITELY not boring,
and it's NEVER the same.

♥♥Our center is so so cool,
like 5 computers per consul
CSI looking cool.
Plus we have some really great equipment,
and resources (even if our internet is slow as snails).
We can do crazy things, and WILL
track you down if you prank call us.
We're real good.

♥♥Frequent flyers
aka: people who have us on speed dial
aka: mental health patients
aka: people who call so much you
have their name/address memorized
aka: strange funny callers that just make you smile

*a caller with multiple personalities,
one of whom is a vampire

* caller: hi, i need an officer to come throw away my "R" rated movies
dispatch: well, you can just throw them away
caller: i can? well can i keep them?
dispatch: sure you can
caller: ok bye

*a caller that's convinced that the gov.
has planted a bug in his phone,
and calls demanding to talk to the President
cuz we have a direct line (we don't),
then proceeds to rant and rave about conspiracies
until you just disconnect

*a caller who needed an ambulance cuz "their head got eaten"
"by something that didn't exist"
she told us she was dead,
when we revealed she was in fact alive,
she cried with joy.

♥♥ Heart breaking and inspiring stories,
like this one (story/blog is real good, and you will get sucked in..) .
or this (that's my voice, and it was a real cool story)

♥♥Telling people when it's not appropriate to call 911
(if you don't know, please review this post)
there is something strangely satisfying
about reprimanding someone
for abusing the system.

♥♥We help people all day, every day,
24 hours a day, on weekends,
and holidays (which sometimes really sucks)
BUT it's really great and real rewarding
to be the person someone calls for help,
and to be able to give them the help they need.

SOOOO.... basically
my job is wonderful,
and I'm real thankful for it,
and Happy Dispatch week!


  1. So I followed your link to the blog and couldn't stop reading it. I cried and all I wanted to do was go wake Colin up and hold him. Soo emotional! Thanks for doing what you do and for doing it so well.

  2. wait...that's you on the phoen with the girl who had a intruder in her house? I didn't even sound like you. I'm wondering if I went to the wrong spot...I love you Julie! Happy Dispatch week! And I think you have a really cool job.

  3. ummm i still think my phone calls during your work hours...usually in reference to boys are totally emergency appropriate...and i love you and your disbatch skills...and ur csi work space...and the big tv screen

  4. Julie, Happy Dispatch week! who knew? I loved the blog about the little boy but it was posted in early feb and I want an update. Any news? You sound so professional in the other call. It is reasurring to know you can handle all the things your job entails. Love you, Jan

  5. Saw this on the jcrew website and know only you could pull it off! totally overpriced, but would be a fun idea-steal!


  6. i looove to hear about your job. i think it's so cool you do that for a living. i agree about that voice not sounding like you at all...how weird.

    on oprah recently there was a lady whose ex-husband put duct tape over her mouth and tied her hands together and put her in a trash can. the lady had a cell phone in her pocket and was able to call 911 and the operator was having a hard time understanding her. but duh, the lady had duct tape over her mouth, and anyway so then the lady was silent for a minute and the operator said, "are you going to talk to me or just heavy breathe into the phone?" please never say that to anyone. it was so rude. haha