Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 To Do's

2010 To Do's
I know I'm 2 weeks late,
but i was sick.
That's a good excuse right?

♥ Re-learn knitting
♥ Learn Portuguese (Matt got me Rosetta Stone,
and we're already planning our..visit Matt's mission Brasil trip)

♥ Run a marathon. Ok, maybe just a half...
♥ Read more church books
♥ Start quilting
♥ Convince Matt to take dance classes with me
♥ Attend the Temple more
♥ Learn to use my camera
♥ Get better at sewing
♥ Spend the summer camping/climbing/caving/canyoning
(Kanes, that's with you...)
♥ Learn to use my serger
♥ Convince Shauna to move back to Utah



  1. lovely goals. i've got some myself. one of which has been on my to do since third grade: work out.
    what a joke.

    oh, and about rosetta, that's so expensive! i wish i had that money! it's AWESOME. i do it on campus with spanish for freeeeeeee

  2. Just the Kanes huh? I see how it is... pssshhh marrieds....

  3. I love your picture. You like so beautiful. That is a lot of New Year's resolutions but I know you can do it. :)

  4. Sorry, I meant to say- You LOOK so beautiful.

  5. A - can Sam come?
    B - absolutely. I'll do most of those with you, not just the outside stuff. please?