Sunday, January 10, 2010


My all time favorite
Aspen Village residing
Cregos regulars


10 years? really?


  1. The things I love about this picture:
    -Jon's bleached hair
    -Nicole's NOT bleached hair
    -my reeeeally ugly overalls (why did you let me wear those?)
    -That it is at Craigos, where I once worked once.
    -That we all know Rook was probably begging someone to do something REALLY innappropriate when this picture was taken.
    -that we are all together

  2. Everybody looks so young and so cute! Julie, you guys made my freshman year so funand so crazy! I didn't realise that people like you existed until I met all of your friends. Makes me kindof miss it!

  3. this made my heart happy and sad. first of all overalls were super cute if i recall 10 years ago correctly. secondly, i totally forgot that sara worked at craigos for like 5 minutes. haha- she had sooo many jobs. also, don't you think sara should come to our 10 year reunion, and we can confuse everyone by acting like she totally graduated with us?? that sounds like something we would do, doesn't it?

  4. i totally agree with nicole on sara coming to our reunion but i disagree on the overalls. sorry sara! why did you get fired from there anyways? i remember that we wrote tiny dancer club or something like that on the wall or table or something. i also remember us writing "i love (our own names)" on the wall so that it would look like someone loved us. maybe only i did that. haha

  5. I just laughed out loud at Kirsti's comment. Like belly laughed. "Maybe only I did that". BAH hahahaha.

  6. Hey Julie! I just have a question for you--where can I order one of your adorable beanies??

  7. Um, I can't believe I married the dorky kid with the bleached hair! It's amazing what 10 years will do!