Thursday, January 14, 2010

Matt and Julie get married

Sooo remember when we got married...
in June...
and it was the best wedding ever...
Well, Preston and Corine made us
The Best Wedding Video EVER!
Its real real good,
and really funny,
and only 12 minutes long.

Matt and Julie get married
Uploaded by Saygen. - Videos of family and friends from around the world.


  1. best 12 minutes ever.

    i loved this video so much! i love you two!

    now i wanna get married.

  2. Loved this video, you were so beautiful, and you have wonderful friends that would make you such a wonderful video.. And yes I will still be reserving with you all, that was the other best part of this new job.. I have the best of both worlds.. Have a really nice Sabbath..

  3. I loved the wedding video. I had tears in my eyes. SOooo happy for you Julie! Yay!!!

  4. Pretty much the cutest wedding video ever!!! Of course I love mine, but yours is at the top for sure, you guys are super adorable together! Oh and I loved Shauna's explanation for being late, I laughed so hard!

  5. I know I already told you on facebook, but this was such an amazing wedding video!

    1. Maybe the best wedding video I've ever seen on Internet so far!