Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sewing Patterns

Sewing Patterns

There's some real cute new sewing patterns out for fall,
and I've been browsing all afternoon.
I;m real excited to get this baby out and start sewing again!
(One more month!!!)
Maternity sewing just isn't cutting it...
Here are some of my fav patterns that I can't wait to try...

I'm pretty sure anthro had a dress just like this over the summer.
Sadly I can't find a pic,
but I remember loving it...
Vogue v1253

 Mccalls m6279

Real real cute skirt.
I would make it a little longer, but I really love it.
Mccalls m6439

Such a great silhouette
Vogue v8685

Vogue v8766

I secretly miss my pixie hair...
And my real long hair....
This growing out in-between stuff is the worst....

What is up with this dress????
Vogue v1272


  1. I adore the white dress from the Vogue 8685 pattern. It looks effortlessly classy and simple.

  2. i have v8685 and i am planning to sew it for when baby is out (10 more days for me!)

    by the way -- i was at hancock in south san jose (95123) today is vogue patterns are on sale for 4 bucks, while rest of the big names are 99 cents ;) thought i'd give you a tip as you are in the area!

  3. Great picks(!) except for that last one- though I'm sure it'd be right for some occasion, just not one I'll be invited to.

  4. ah. I'm with you on non-maternity wants!!!

    That top dress is gorgeous...I hope you make it and show us!!

  5. Love the skirt and the lace overlay dress. I'm thinking of making a paperbag style skirt. I agree with the non-maternity sewing. I had one pattern to make for maternity and never got around to it. Now just getting down to my happy size . . .

  6. ooh~ yes ive been to fabric r u a few years back. back then i didnt find any good material as most of the stuff they had were polyester. perhaps i will give it another go again! i remember they had a few different store front in the same block -- fabric overflow!

  7. I was the same way! By the last month I dreamed of making dresses with waistlines!