Thursday, August 18, 2011

27 Weeks

27 Weeks

I'm definitely getting bigger,
my belly button is just about ready to pop out,
Baby kicks non stop at night,
and heart burn is ruining my life...
o.k... it's not that bad,
and has really been the only major complaint of my 2nd trimester.
So far it's been going great.

I also just had a Birthday, and am getting ready for my 
B-day trip to Tahoe.
It's really my favorite place ever.

Garage Sailing
Dads BBQ

Can't wait!


  1. Awww! You're such a cute pregnant lady!! Absolutely love these shots. And have fun in Tahoe! I absolutely love that place.

    Much Love,

  2. You are the cutest! Happy birthday!! :)

    PS I napped semi upright in a recliner in my second tri and it helped a little with the heartburn. I could never manage to sleep in a recliner all night but some of my friends swear by it.

  3. prettiest preg ever ever ever.

    love the white and turquoise.

    class for miles.

    Hope the burn subsides....NO FUN.

    Happy almost third trimester!!!!

  4. cute cute cute!!!!!
    it's CRAZY that we're about to start our 3rd trimester!!!!!
    i have heartburn too and my doctor said zantac is very safe. she gave me a prescription and it works great! i have insane charlie horses at night and i have to sleep with a body pillow or i am in pain, those are my 2 other complaints :)

  5. Love this prego shirt also! Wow, where did you get this one? So cute!