Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gold Dress

Gold Dress

So forever ago I decided to make a gold dress.
I had lots of inspiration.
I finally got around to finishing it a few weeks ago,
and just barely got around to taking some pictures.

Carolee actually took them.
We had a really fun photo shoot!

The dress turned out ok,
I don't love it.
But I do love love the pattern,
(it has pockets!...)
and I'm excited to use it again!


  1. oh i love it. it looks so great with the blonde. did you make the pattern or purchase it?

  2. This is the prettiest gold dress I've ever seen! It looks great! Love the pattern and pockets and pictures.

  3. That dress is fantastic! I love the gold, and I absolutely LOVE the pattern!

  4. These pictures are great! I really like the dress a lot. It's perfect for a photo shoot. and it's definitely a "statement" piece. You go!

    I really love the colors in the first photo. And it's totally funny to see you in it in front of that silly old theater haha.

  5. you're.rad.
    it reminds me of c3p0 & i love it.
    (i'm Caitlin Crandall's sister by the way, in case you were wondering :])

  6. I think I still have a pair of Shinny Gold tight pants you might be interested in!! hee hee
    come back UP and GET THEM!!

    you are so talented my sweets!
    love mom

  7. awesome!!! you amaze me! and you you look super hot!

  8. gorgeous pictures! i love the gold with your blond. stunning