Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gold Dress Inspiration

Gold Dress Inspiration

So I watched An Education a few weeks ago on Netflix.
It was good, not amazing, but good.
The clothes on the other hand were wonderful.
(well worth the watch just for the inspiration)
Soooo many cute vintage dresses,
my fav was a gold metallic sleeved dress, 
that I can't seen to find a complete picture of....

It's cute ok,
real real cute.
So cute I just ordered metallic gold fabric to make one of my own.

I am loving gold lately.
and metallics.
A lot!

More gold metallic inspiration....


This one is my dream dress.
The beading, the sleeves, the belt....
I love love it!
Elie Saab's whole spring collection is sooooo amazing.
Look here. 
You will die.


  1. yup. really really pretty stuff. love me some metallic.

  2. i LOVE gold clothing. i buy it all up at thrift stores, no matter how big the shoulder pads are. you picked out some amazing dresses. i'm so excited to see what you create!!!!!