Monday, June 14, 2010

1 Year

1 Year
We got married 1 year ago,
ok, 1 year and a few days.
the 11th to be exact.
It's been wonderful!

Being married is the best EVER.
Plus I got a really good one!

Reasons why I'm really glad I married Matt Gillrie...

♥He is a real gentleman. Always helping me around,
opening doors, and carrying my things.
(excpet my purse, he refuses to carry that...)
♥Since I work on Sundays, he makes the 30 min drive down
to pick me up so we can take the sacrament together.
♥He loves reading as much as I do, and we love the same books.
We have our own little book club.
♥He's really really really good looking.
♥He has the most WONDERFUL family!
♥He's really funny,
Whenever I say something stupid, he says...
"it's ok, your really pretty." (ha!)
♥He takes real good care of me when i'm sick.
♥He's really smart/motivated, and working
hard to finish his 6+ moore years of school. PHD or bust.
♥He is very prepared. He has noted all the weak points in our apt,
and has made a detailed stratigic plan for the Zombie Invasion.
For reals... He told me the whole plan one day.
Pretty good actually, so if we are ever under attack by the living dead,
I feel confident we will survive.
♥He is always really nice to me, and we hardly ever fight.
♥He is always in a good mood, and rarely
gets stressed out or frustrated.
♥He grows a really great mustache!








  1. Congrats on a year!!! you two inspire me. Glad you are together forever.

  2. Your pictures make me suuuuper jealous. Real weird story: I was just looking through the Grosgrain website (which I check periodically and pretend like I sew) and THERE you were! So weird. I felt like I wanted to yell, "HEY! I KNOW THAT GIRL! SHE'S MY BEST FRIEND! NO, REALLY, SHE IS!" it was really weird. Love you.

  3. CONGRATS! . . . . HURRY, catchup - Bob and I are 42 years ahead of you! So proud of you guys - that's a wonderful accomplishment! What GREAT photos!!

  4. PS - Oh yeah!!! - 42 years of PURE BLISS!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  5. congratulation for the anniversary.. how lucky that u have such a great husband..!

  6. reading this made me smile. and just so you know... your pictures are some of my most favorite ever. the lighting that day was impeccable!

  7. aww congrats :) your dress was beautiful!