Thursday, July 30, 2009

A request

Dear people who call 911,

* We are not a phone directory. That's what you have internet, phone books, and 411 for.

* It's ok for your neighbor to mow their lawn on Sunday.

* That "suspicious" looking "black guy" walking down the street, was actually a high school kid on his way home from school.

* No, we won't give you a ride any where.

* I'm sorry you locked your keys in your car. If you were smart you would have a spare.

* Remember when you called to report those two unkempt guys that "looked like they didnt belong at church"? What did you say your name was? the "soon to be elders quorum president"? seriously?

* Not every car driving by your house is a drug dealer. Even if they are "mexican."

* Sometimes ducks cross the street.

* If some wierd guy walks into your house in the middle of the night, and goes through your roomates underwear drawer. Don't wait until your bishop tells you 2 days later to call the police.

* We don't enforce the BYU honor code.

I'm happy to give CPR instructions, help deliver your baby, or catch the suspect that just robbed your store. Just make sure its a real emergency before you call.




  1. Julie, I just died laughing. I had to read this to my husband... haha, oh man.

  2. hahahaha i am sure it gets really old, but man thats funny

  3. i love your blog so much. you are the best. i can just hear your little voice saying these things and i can see the look on your face. are you coming up for a visit soon?

    wow i love your job

  5. o i just love u...what r u doing tonight?

  6. HA! That was awesome Julie. Nick and I were cracking up. Go Utah!!

  7. Sounds very similar to the ER Physician forum I'd read the other day.
    I guess if they can't get through to you, they head straight for the ER. :-P

  8. teija,
    those were so so funny.

  9. So i don't know for sure if you meant this to be wet your pants funny but it was...not that I wet my pants but I almost did! You are so good at this blogging thing and so creative. I am having so much fun exploring your world.

    P.S. Where in Draper do you live? I grew up right on the bluff above 13th east and 118th S. Do you like it there?

  10. You guys should come here for sure. We live in a smaller place called covington but we are not far from Seattle. We are never leaving...unless we get a job offer in San Diego that pays the big bucks. :) When you move here you should look us up. In the meantime...blogstalking can be fun! later Jules!