Saturday, June 20, 2009

My favorite things about the wedding weekend....

Besides the wedding of course..#1- Having all my best friends together again! we have been apart for years!

#2- learning how to arrange my own flowers.

#3- Having my family with me

#4- Having Matts family with me. And i love Roman in this picture. so sad. so cute. And that the Bells and Gillries love each other and get along so so well.
#5- Getting ready with my sisters and best friends
totally candid photo
#6- Seeing so many close friends and family that I had been missing

#7- This picture......


  1. oh jules! it was such a fun day. i loved every minute of it. you guys are so great and i loved seeing you guys so happy. call me when you get back from your honeymoon! i can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. well why didn't I get the invite to the getting ready party??? :) I have sweaty armpits in one of the these Love you Julie! I had so much fun at the wedding!!

  3. sorry about the arm pits sara. i dont have photoshop, or i would have made them so dry and pretty, and i would have taken care of your leaky belly button. but i just love that picture dont you?? sweaty and leaky and all? and kirst, we leave on sat im so so excited i will definatly cal you when i get back, and i had a dream last night that we hung out and went garage sailing. love you miss you.

  4. you are the best, and i am super jealous of your honeymoon. i didn't even notice sara's sweaty pits.

  5. in that last group pic it looks like kirsti wants in on the kissing action. hahaha.

  6. ahh congratulations girl! love the wedding pix, you looked AMAZING!

  7. Your wedding pictures are beautiful. You look so happy. Congrats!