Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Julie and Matt get married

Best wedding ever!!
Does it make me biased because it's my wedding?
The whole day was wonderful!
Salt Lake Temple is the prettiest ever!
Our 90lb 110 yr old sealer was so so funy/spiritual, and kept calling me "pretty julie bell"
probably because i was so so pretty with my hair and make up done by nicole.
She is so so good. but so are you sara!
and it didn't even matter that it rained, ok poured.. when we got out of the temple,
because my mom got some real good pics a few days before...

And some real good ones with carolee right before the reception!!

Plus... we got a rainbow!!!!

And the best reception!!
and all my best friends came out to see me!!

I dont have a lot of pictures yet, but look how good the one i have are!!
so, the rest must be real good.
Best day ever!


  1. i love you
    i love your wedding
    im sorry and sad i was lae and am not in a butload of pictures
    i love that you and matt are married
    i love your blog
    this is almost in order but bot quite
    mostly i love you though

  2. wait, i can't tell...did you like your wedding or not? ;)
    and i LOVE the pics so far.

  3. Julie you looked beautiful! I love your wedding I wish I could of been there to see you. You look so happy with your new husband :)

  4. i think shauna needs to start proof reading her comments, cause i can't ever understand a damn word she says... that being said, this post made me sooo happy... you guys are like the best looking couple ever. you can just see how happy you are. i love it. i had sooo much fun... and i'm so happy i got to spend some special time with you on your wedding day getting you ready. i love you forever!

  5. yay julie! you look so pretty. and the reception looks beautiful. i'm so happy for you. he must be such a cool guy to get such a cool girl to marry him.

  6. I especially like the polaroid with Matt's head cropped a teeny bit. It really was a perfect day. Congrats!

  7. You look absolutely beautiful. I love it your pictures and am so happy for you Julie!!