Monday, November 25, 2013

Lord Of The Rings Quiet Book

The Quiet Book And
The Ring

Finally finished the pattern for this book.
10 pages of pure LOTR felt wonder.

Here we go....

Cover Page

Page 2

Open the doors to see what's inside.

Page 3

Every quiet book NEEDS finger puppets right???

All 9 members of the fellowship.

Page 4

I'm quite proud of how Gollum turned out.
He's real creepy!

Find his ring hiding in the river.

Page 5

Page 6

I attached a piece of elastic to Gandolf
and the page so he can sling shot across it to get away.

Page 7

Navigate Sam and Frodo through trecherous Mordor

Page 8

One of my favorite pages.
I just LOVE this volcano!

Page 9

Page 10

Quiet book pattern available HERE!


  1. My favorite is destroying the ring. Totally awesome- as always.

  2. Looking forward to getting the PDF to make this!! Looks so great!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This one is the best yet! I love everything about it ... You are the queen of quiet books!

  5. AMAZING- especially Mount Doom and Gollum!

  6. Oh wow, I love this especially with the Smaug film just out. I have HP in my queue and now LOTR. Thank you!!

  7. oh em gee! You are really talented!

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  9. I love these so much. I've shared them with everyone since I found them :D. What are you going to do next? Maybe Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Or Narnia? Or Batman?

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  14. This is absolutely wonderful, I would have loved and treasured this as a child. To be honest I think I'd be the same now! I just love all of the little characters.

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