Tuesday, February 21, 2012

3 Day Weekend

3 Day Weekend

Emily and Lexa were in town for the weekend, 
and we lived it up.

2 of our fun adventures....

1- Sausalito

The cutest place for a girls lunch ever!!!
Probably as cute as the Beehive Tea Room in Salt Lake..
Plus the waitresses had the BEST outfits...
P.S. I did not know we were going somewhere so cute, 
or I would NOT have worn my old sweatshirt...
Matt says it's the equivalent of sweatpants... lol.


  1. Lisa's Tea Treasure, in San Fran? Don't know that Salt Lake had a tea room. Now I have to check in out when I go over in March! It looks like too much fun! (You and the 'girls' look great)

  2. That trip was so fun, thanks for entertaining us. the only bad part was when you embarrassed the whole family with that sweatshirt.