Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tahoe In Pictures

Tahoe In Pictures

*Photo shoots with my mom
*Garage sailing
*Gun shows
*Lake time
*Family time
*Birthday time

tired little bean

I think this is my fav picture of the trip. 
This is what my mom looks like non stop.
Camera in hand. sooo funny. 

cute louisa


  1. looks like a good time! pretty pictures. louisa is a spitting image of you. wow.

  2. I love Tahoe, especially the garage sales with the pro. You look beautiful as usual. Like your hair.

  3. Love your suit and belt! Tahoe is gorgeous, but just the sight of the lake makes me shiver!

  4. LOVE all those pictures and it makes me SUPER jealous! you look so pretty and i can't believe how big and gorgeous louisa is!
    i totally love that pic of your mom too.
    shutter slut 4-eva! (no offense terri- haha!

  5. It is so beautiful there! I want to come. :) YOu look great too Julie!!

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