Wednesday, August 3, 2011

24 weeks

24 Weeks

Last week in Tahoe I did a little photo shoot with my mom.
This was the only photo she sent me before taking her computer to the Dr.
It was taken in the meadow across the street from our house.
The flowers were AMAZING!

That "skirt" just so happens to be my junior prom dress
yep, and I searched and searched for a picture of that dance,
and nothing was found.
sooo sad.
I didn't alter it or anything,
It is just a tube lacey dress that I still wear from time to time,
and perfect for a pregnancy skirt..


  1. love, love, LOVE that skirt, you are magic with fabric :)

  2. Damn Julie. You are such a babe. If I can rock a babybelly the way do, I'd be quite pleased with myself.

  3. What a great picture! You look awesome!

  4. Jules - where do you get all the cute button-up shirts you're always wearing? Wanna know your secret.

  5. here's what sucks...that you can wear a dress from your JUNIOR year of high school when you're 24 weeks pregnant!!! I'm going to go and throw up now.....(you look super super super cute).

  6. Julie you look so beautiful pregnant. We miss you at work! Today we just said goodby to Wolken and hello to Grossgebauer. Yep he is our new LT.

  7. look absolutely beautiful!! Hope you are loving life out there! We miss you!! :)

  8. You're so pretty, probably the prettiest pregnant girl ever! Love the skirt!

  9. i agree with everyone. so pretty. so lucky. so jealous. p.s. i totally remember that dress!