Friday, July 15, 2011

The Beatles Room

The Beatles Room

First off...
We made it!
The drive was long and miserable...
but California is great. The weather is wonderful!
We can't wait to start exploring our new city!!

We have been spending the weekend with my family in Lake Tahoe.
I LOVE it! I LOVE being home!

Those of you that have been to my parents house,
have seen The Beatles room.
If you haven't, let me show you around...

The Beatles Room
My sister Corines old bedroom, converted into a Beatles shrine/museum.
My Dad's a collector, a scrounge, a hard core garage sailor...
So when we all moved out of the house, he found a new hobby,
Collecting Beatles memorabilia...
They are the Greatest band of ALL time... 
and he just always needs to have something to collect.
When we were younger, it was old gas station signs.
They were plastered all over the house,
We had a juke box, old gas pumps in the living room, florescent signs lighting the house up...
One of my fav things as a kid was to go scrounging in peoples 
old barns/gas stations looking for a rare old gas sign...

The Beatles Room is pretty great though.
It is floor to ceiling, wall to wall covered.
Each wall is a different bright color,
and he has made matching brackets, shelves, and signs from his welding shop...

so, here it is.....

 This is actually the ceiling..


  1. this is incredible!!!!!!! i'm so glad you blogged this.

  2. Your dad is my hero. The Beatles WERE/ARE the best band ever.

  3. Wow, wow, wow! That is truly amazing. What a room! It must be so much fun to see in person. I imagine you could look in it for hours and not see everything.

  4. Wow, that is really sweet actually! :D

  5. Wow...this really trumps my parents' Beatles room and gives me something to aspire to :) AWESOME!

  6. Great collection! History Channel is doing a new show Collector's Cafe and we are looking for all kinds of collectors but a Beatles Collector in particular! Id love to chat!! Hope to hear from you!

  7. Store din po ba yan??
    Kung store po yan San located yan???