Monday, June 6, 2011

Moving Time

We have big news.
Really Happy/Sad news.
We are moving.
To here...

San Jose area.
Matt got a job at

It's a reall good job,
and we're really excited.
Especially to live close to family.
We have none in Utah,
which makes things hard when unexpected poop catastrophes occur,
and you have to rely on friends...

I'm really going to miss Utah.
I love the mountains,
Love Love the mountains.
I'm a Tahoe mountain girl for life,
and will be sad to live so far away from them.
But Tahoe is just 4 hrs away, so weekend trips will be frequent.

I will also miss our wonderful friends, and
my wonderful job/co-workers.
I really Love Love my job and am soo sad to leave it.
We have been really blessed here in Utah,
and are looking forward to new California Adventures.

When we get there
Matt wants to start a new adventure club and name it FRAC
Fransisco Adventure Club...
 lol.. I'm pretty sure we will love it there.


  1. awww! welcome to san jose! that is where i live!!! dont worry, you will still be next to the santa cruz mountains, and the seirra mountains are only a few hours away! :)
    how exciting!

  2. Ooooooh Man, and you can come visit whenever I'm in HB...right? And come meet our new baby at CHristmas time? I'm excited for you guys Julie! Love you!

  3. you are only like 5 hours away from me!!! yay. congrats! so fun!

  4. Congrats on the new job! Can't wait to see more adventures in a new place. :) I liked San Jose when I visited a while ago.

  5. Yay for a job! California will be so fun!

  6. holla!!! congrats on the job matt. that's really cool. moving will be so fun. and what a fun place to live. SO much to do. can't wait to come visit!

  7. exciting news! i love the bay area.

  8. You guys are cuties! Good luck on your new adventures!!

  9. WOW big move! Congrats to Matt on the JOB. Welcome back to Cali :)

  10. Hey, so I am in San Jose for the summer. My husband got an internship at Adobe. When are you moving here? We are actually in Los Gatos. If you are here during the summer we should do brunch or something. It's always fun to actually meet some of my blogging aquaintainces in person. Good luck with the move and the baby!

  11. welcome to CALI! I'm in Gilroy, just south of San Jose, and love your blog, by the way. You'll love it here. :D