Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Crafts

Baby Crafts

Now that I don't feel so sick all the time,
I'm ready to start some baby crafts.
Here are my crafts to-do's..

1- Baby Mobile
I have this awesome baby mobile in mind.
A mix between rod iron, and felt animals for a girl, or planets for a boy.
Maybe something in the middle of these..

Good thing my dad has a welding buisness,
and I can probably convince him to help me with the mobile.

2- Embroidered Art Work
I saw this embroidered skirt turned wall piece
that Annie did, and I'm obsessed.

I'm hoping for a girl so I can get to work on something like this.
Maybe a set of 3 framed pieces...

3- Baby Toys
How cute is this idea.
There was an old lady.. themed Russian Dolls!
I love it! Boy or Girl appropriate.

4- Baby Blankets
I guess it's about time for me to start on my own baby blanket.
Girl blanket ideas..
I want to do some pink variation on this blanket,

Or make one of these for my self..

I havn't bloged about it yet,
but I made this, and the pattern for my sister in-law...
It's my favorite blanket yet.
Boy blanket ideas..
Something like these, but all white..