Monday, January 10, 2011

Poop Flood

Poop Flood

We just got back from our trip to Brasil.
Really really amazing.
Soooooo fun.
 (pics and blog post coming soon)

We got home yesterday after 20 hrs of traveling....
to a Poop Explosion.

Our plumming backed up,
our toilet exploded,
flooded our house,
and left turds everywhere.

Ok, not everywhere.
But it was bad.
real bad,
like level 3 poop contamination,
which apparently is the worst kind.

Somehow we got a giant clog in the plumming 80 ft down.
We live in the basement of a house, so everytime the upstairs neighbors
used the toilet, their waste flushed up and out of our toilet,
and all over the floor. For a few days at least.
Poop Explosion

Really really gross.
And smelly. Real smelly.

So we are now homeless for a week.
Apparently poop is a really big deal.
They have to rip out all the carpets, linolium, the bottom 2 ft of contaminated walls, and cupboards.
The whole house has to be de-contaminated, and pressure washed.
It's a mess.
A smelly poop mess.
A Poop Nightmare!

The good thing is.....
None of our stuff got ruined.
The poop water got the bathroom, hall, our bedroom, and part of the livingroom.
We had a few things on the floor, but nothing important.
We are sooooo greatful!

Plus we have an awesome landlord
who is taking care of everything, and has gotten us a hotel room.
So we are just laughing about it,
and hoping to move back in soon.

Pics of the poop clean up.
(The poop mess was too tramatizing and gross to take pics of......)
 That lovely linolium was under our carpet,
and will also need to be taken out.
 The marks on the wall show the height of contamination,
 the poop water seeped up pretty high.
The walls will be replaced up to that point.


  1. Oh my goodness! How horrible/disgusting! Glad your trip went well, nothing super irreplaceable got ruined, and that you're in a hotel.

  2. Oh my holy goodness! that is insane. and disgusting. I think I can smell the stench a bit in my nostrils. ugh!
    I am glad that nothing valuable was ruined. And now it will be like moving into a semi-remodeled house!

  3. holy CRAP! haha i'm so sorry but so glad your stuff didn't get pooped on.

  4. Siiiick! A sewage backup is disgusting as it is, but knowing it's your neighbors poop makes it 10x worse.
    The hotel sounds fun. Do they have a hot tub there?

  5. Is it bad that I laughed through this entire post?! I wasn't laughing at your misfortune, because that seriously sucks, but the way you wrote it was so funny! Glad you have such an accommodating landlord and that your house is d-pooped soon!!

  6. That's awful. I am glad to hear that none of your stuff was ruined.

  7. hahahaha
    holy crap
    that sucks
    get it

  8. I'm an insurance adjuster, so I have seen situations like this MANY times... it's way disgusting, but I only have to deal with it for a short time... I can only imagine what it's like for the people that live there - or the people that clean it up! :/ Best of luck!

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  10. I meant to read a lot from the title and confuse if it really is true. But you've got a nice catchy phrase there.