Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brasil Breakdown- Foz De Iguacu

Brasil Breakdown

Take two...
Our 11 hr road trip through Brasil landed us in...

Foz De Iguacu

It was seriously amazing!
The pictures don't do it justice.

Some Waterfall facts...
♥ The Waterfalls span 1.7 miles
♥ There are 275 individual Waterfalls
♥ Iguacu = Big Water
♥ Two Thirds of the Waterfalls are in Argentina, the rest in Brasil

We spent 2 days taking in all the sights, and Waterfalls.
One day in Argentina, and one in Brasil.

Highlights of the Waterfalls...
♥ The Waterfalls...
♥ A rapel trip
♥ A white water rafting trip
♥ Our amazing hostel

We did everything we could,
had the full experience,
and LOVED it!

The Larsons have a lot more pictures of the trip,
and we havn't had time to swap photos yet.
Sooo be prepared for one more vacation photo post.
I know it's not the funnest thing to look at other peoples vacation pictures,
but it's my blog, and my mom wants to see them...



  1. Gorgeous!! oh my! i've got to see this with my own eyes. sounds amazing!

  2. Your pictures look like they belong on postcards! I can just imagine how breathtaking those sights must have been....[sigh]

  3. Great photos, thanks for sharing!!! :)

  4. I hope your mom likes these cause they make me JEALOUS! So so awesome, I want to go to Brazil. Those waterfall are nuts. Looks like you guys had a sweet time.

  5. What a gorgeous place! Love all your pictures!

  6. Amazing, amazing, amazing! I don't think it's boring to look at photos of other people's vacations, especially this one because these waterfalls are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing!

  7. oh man! i want to go there super bad! i'm glad you had a good trip!