Thursday, December 2, 2010

Busy Weekend

Busy Weekend

I've been real real busy lately trying to get everything ready for the Bazaar.
But I did it!
I made so so so many hats
Maybe too many hats.
I also have belts, 
I finally finished the Quiet Book Kits!!!
and I think they turned out really cute!
I will have some at the Bazaar, and a few up on etsy.

The Beehive Bazaar is this thurs-sat!!
See you there!


  1. Julie,

    My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby in February and it's a boy. My brother is obsessed with Star Wars and I would love to buy the quiet book.. but I'm afraid that with my lack of skills, I wouldn't be able to put it together myself. Does it require sewing?? Do you think I could do it?

  2. Hey Julie, this is Jill from the Yarrrn booth at the Beehive Bazaar. I never got a hold of you to see if you wanted to trade, but I am in LOVE with your Star Wars quiet book! Just let me know!