Friday, April 30, 2010

Car Theft

Sooo... Somebody Stole Our Car....


I know, who would want to steal our old 1995 Acura Integra?

Somebody Did,

and that Somebody found it parked in the
Gateway Mall garage,
while we were enjoying the Hubble 3d show at the planetarium,
(which was the coolest ever!)

and that Somebody had to have
really thought this car theft through,
cuz we kept our parking ticket with us,
and come to find out, if you try to leave without a ticket,
they send security up to make sure the car is yours.
This didn't happen to anybody.
Sooo Somebody had to have gotten an extra ticket.
and no, we didn't leave it unlocked,
or with an extra key inside.

Somebody wanted our car,
Somebody wanted it bad.

Please Somebody,
Just take it for a spin,
a joy ride,
then leave it around for the cops to find,
and we'll call it good.


  1. OMG... I am so sorry... First your trucker trying to run you off the road, now someone taking your car.. Julie I am really sorry, what a pain. I hope it is not at a chop shop.. Thinking of you..

  2. That sucks. Acuras get stolen so much around here for some reason. My sister's has been stolen like 3 times.

  3. That is terrible!! I am so sorry, I hope you guys find it!

  4. That's crazy! I hope it gets found intact!

  5. WHAT?! That is nuts. Who steals cars that were made in 1995?? Maybe there is some hidden value in your Acura that you were unaware of? Platnum rims? MAYBE a diamond smuggler owned the car before you did and hid diamonds in the seats. Now he wants his car back since he just got released from prison and needs to cash in on all that bling that you've been sitting on for YEARS. Ever consider that?

  6. Wait wait wait, maybe it was cocaine.

  7. If it is's probably a good thing it's gone. PHEW, what a relief.

  8. is this for REAL? oh my gosh! scary, sad, annoying!

    whats the update?

  9. That really stinks. Sorry to hear that. I hope you find it.