Thursday, November 5, 2009

Near Death Experience

Ok, so I didn't almost die,
but I could have....

So there I was Tues morning, minding my own buisness
on my way to work. I get on the freeway at Bangater to go South.
Im picking up speed, merging into the slow lane, going about 60-65mph.
When I look in my rear view mirror, and see the largest scariest Big Rig Semi
coming up real fast behind me, and he's not slowing down.
He comes up real close and starts tailgating me.
Tailgating me bad, real bad, like I've never seen another
vehilcle so close to my bumper before. Then, he rams me!
I know!! Can you believe it! He totally hit me. On purpose!
I freaked out. It was real real scary. It was like that one USA
made for TV movie about the semi trucks that go on a rampage,
and start running people off the road. Oh, did you not see that?
Good thing cuz it gave my little middle school eyes nightmares for a week.
Then he backs off a little, just so he can tailgate me again.
He rams me a second time, and a third time!
I screamed a couple times in the car,
and had visons of him trying to force me off the road.
Or me accidently loosing control and hiting a car in the next lane.
This was definatly a scary movie. Who does that in real life?
Why not just change lanes since im definatly
not going as fast as he wants to go?
I start calling the police, and he takes the next exit.
Obviously this guy didnt know that I work for the police, have connections,
and that im real smart. So I followed him off, got his license plate,
watched him try to lose me while he got back on the freeway,
and sat there waited for the police, cried and called Matt.
Good thing it was just the exit down from our house.
Matt came and waited for the police with me.
I made the accident report and am now just waiting to hear
back on the investigation. There isn't really any damage
to my car. A few deep scratches and thats it.
He was after all right behind me when he hit me,
so im not worried about my car. Just totally shocked
that someone could get that angry over a few mph's.
So besides the misdemeanor charge he's facing,
all I can do is make my self feel better by talking
about it, and pray for his sad little soul.


  1. WWWHHHHAAAAATTTT!? i can't close my jaw. good thing i don't have to talk, i can write because i am speechless.

  2. are you serious? that is the most insane thing i've ever heard. semis already scared me before reading this and now they scare me even more! i'm so glad you're ok. i hope the cops catch the a hole.

  3. WHAT!?!?! that is insane! i have never hear of anything like that before except in that one movie you are talking about. scary. good thing you are smart and got his info.

  4. JULIE, I am completely freaked out! How horrible! I am so glad you are connected and that this guy will get caught. He MUST have his truckers license revoked before he kills someone! You have a good head on your shoulders!

  5. wow you have such a good attitude. seriously that would make me so mad i don't know what would happen. jerk.

  6. Ooh. That just makes me mad. We had a semi do something like that to us years ago and it just pissed me off. We were thankfully not hit though. After tailgating us, he came next to us, looked right at us, and started turning into our lane while we were there. Where do they go off? I still can't believe he rammed you! Who does that?!

  7. Oh my gosh! Julie, I am so glad that you are ok. That is so freaking scary. I am so glad that you called and busted the jerk. What would we do without you in dispatch if something had happened? Too sad to think about. Glad you are safe and smart.

  8. oh my gosh jules!!! what freak! i'm glad you're ok

  9. I'm glad you are ok. That is crazy! It sounded like you were in a movie!!

  10. did you ever find out if they caught the guy??

  11. Why'd you have to call the police on me Julie! i was just trying to say hello! now my perfect driving record is ruined. also, i'm envious of your bear blanket. miss you.

  12. I am sorry Julie!!! If I see the guy I'll beat him up for you!!!! JERK!!!

  13. I read this on my phone when you first posted this, and I forgot to make a comment. I can't believe that happened to you. I want to know what happens to him! My friend was ran off the freeway by a semi too about a week earlier, it makes me curious if it was the same guy.