Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goodbye Matts Beard

Goodbye Matts Beard...
You were so bushy and wonderful.
Goodbye sideburns, i sure will miss you.
Goodbye goatee, you put a smile on my face.

Goodbye handlebars, i wish you could stay.

Goodbye mustache, you know you were my favorite.

Hello Matt, i just love you, and your face.


  1. oh i loved this. so adorable.

  2. but you have to admit, making out with non beard is way less painful than making out with beard (or so is the case with Jon).

  3. i like him better clean shaven.

  4. i love the series of shavings. it was like a whole season of a tv show all crammed into one post! i love it

  5. hey girl i'm going private on my blog. blog me your email address so i can add you! :)