Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Married Life

Welcome to our apartment.
We moved to Draper and we love it!
We have the coolest furniture that we have collected from...
*Thrift stores
*Classified ads
*Garage sales
*Antique stores
We loooooove to read, and loooooove books

This one is my favorite. It's an old hat rack i found at an antique store,
and use it to hang all my necklaces.

*Being married
*Spending every day with your best friend
*Having your own place
*With your own really cool furniture
*And your always clean kitchen
The best thing ever


  1. haha agreed. man your guy's place is freaking amazing. such great furniture. we don't have any yet but such is life ;)

  2. it looks soo good!! i am super jealous of your big bookcase full of books! that's all i want in life!

  3. it's super cute julie! i love your style.

  4. julie, I found your blog and you are the cutest thing ever!! I love all of your furniture, I always loved your style. I love KSL too! It really is the greatest thing :]

  5. hey girl, thanks for your sweet comment! you totally made my day, and are a nice person and i like you. i can guarantee we'd be pals. if only we weren't oceans and sates away ;) take care over there!

  6. Congrats! This is Laura McClain, I'm one of Matt's friends...we met in Florida, we hung out at the farm? Don't know if you remember me...but I really like ur place! It's really cute.

  7. thanks whitney, send me a blog invite please!