Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brasil Breakdown- Florianopolis

Brasil Breakdown

Besides our obvious home disaster,
our trip was a dream.
Sooooo fun, and we are soooooo tan!
Here is the D.L.

We were gone for 2 weeks,
and spent most of our time in Florianopolis at the beaches.
In the middle of our stay,
we road tripped it 11 hours across Brasil to the biggest waterfalls in the world.
Foz De Iguacu
wonderful, amazing, giant, breathtaking, beautiful!
get it? loved it!

So lets break it down.
Our trip needs 2 posts...


Floripa is one of the richest cities in Brasil,
and soooo nice!
We spent lots of time at the shops/markets, doing touristy things,
and gasping at the outragious prices...
Crocks = 75$ (after conversion)
for reals...
basically, don't go to Brasil for the shopping...
(most of the clothes were imported from america, so they all cost a million dollars)

New Years in the city was wonderful.
A giant celebration.
All the roads were shut down for the massive ammount of people.
There were fireworks, and a band, and it was great.
Probably my best New Years yet!



Beaches Beaches Beaches!
Bikinis, thongs, Binikis, thongs thongs..
It was quite a site. (not always a good one...)
But the beaches were wonderful, and the people watching was addicting.


I love loved everyday at the beach,
My Favorite beach day by far was
Lagoinha do leste
2 hour tropical hike to remote beach.


to top it all off,
we spent our last day on a boat ride to an island,
and went snorkling!

We spent a lot of time in Floripa,
and really got to know the city.
I started picking up lots of words, but we were soooo grateful to have matt speak the language.
Floripa is NOT an American tourist spot.
No one spoke english.
We saw one other american the entire time, and he was married to a Brasilian.
Sooo it was an adventure.
A really fun, beach filled, 85 degree, tropical adventure.


  1. smokin hot bod, girl! daaaang!
    i studied those waterfalls in my spanish class.
    super cool! looks amazing! loved the pictures

  2. great photos. random: where did you get the bathing suit top you have on with the teal bottoms? thats exactly the style im looking for

  3. This look like one of the most amazing vacations ever! You both look so tan and julie you look gorgeous in every photo! I am so happy you guys had such an amazing time and very jealous.

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